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Hi, I´m just a Dutch guy who travelled a lot around Europe in search for caves, geology and beautiful landscapes. Irresistibly I almost always ended up in the mountainous areas, which to me are very precious. Although I love all mountains, I must confess that there was really something special about the Cantabrian Mountains of northern Spain. My first contact with these mountains was during a hot summer a long time ago, when I was doing my second year geologic fieldwork for the University of Utrecht (Netherlands). Its great diversity, beauty and geology, together with the feeling of having found some “virgin" mountains where everything still waited to be discovered, immediately captured me and never released me since. At first I explored the magnificent surroundings and its subterranean realm in the form of kilometers long and almost unknown caves. In later years I also discovered the enormous wealth of plants and animals, of which the wild orchids and birds of prey have my special attention.

It´s really no coincidence that I finally settled down in a small mountain village situated on the southern border of the Cantabrian Mountains.

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  1. Hey there!
    I am Στηβ (Steve) from Athens and I blog on MyOrchid.gr (also have a small online local orchid nursery). I am launching the site in English (currently beta just a couple of posts got translated so far). I would like to keep the english version as an international community of bloggers. Here's how it was implemented in Greek http://myorchid.gr/blog/microblogs/ so long story short I am trying to invite people like you that have a passion about orchids and an eye for photography. Concept is that it will be as multilingual as possible (the site supports that each article can have as many versions in different languages as the bloggers wish to offer). I think your expertise geology and orchids in situ photography will find an audience with our local readers and will greatly help the site to gain international readers. I am not sure how to "sell" this idea to you, I mean I am not sure if there is anything for you to gain since you already have a great blog... I can only think that sharing our passion for orchids in a community like blog is a great idea and as a collective effort would sure find a greater audience. It could also help promote ecotourism and educate on orchid conservation.

    With your help MyOrchid could bloom! Thank you for your consideration.
    Best Regards,