Saturday, March 8, 2014

Video showing enormous waves breaking at the Spanish coast.

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When the sea attacks the coast.

In recent months the northern coast of Spain has been " shaken " five times by towering waves (red alert warnings). Apart from the damage to buildings which in general have been erected too close to the shoreline (not much fun for the people involved), it also offered an unusual spectacle of nature. Red alert is given when waves reach a mean height of about 8 meters, but two of the storms had waves with a mean of 12 meters, which means that occasionally there are waves of more than 22 meters, often arriving  in "wave trains". The following video is a summary of the last storm of March 3. This storm was of a 12 meter waves quality and with a special addition of arriving just when there was a spring tide at the highest point. As a result, the water depth increased by several meters so that also be the big waves could come much closer to the shoreline before breaking, often hitting the limestone  cliffs with full force.