Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The snow capped valley of Oseja de Sajambre.

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Last night, the 27 of Januari, I saw on the Spanish news footage of massive waves spilling over the quay of San Sebastian, located in Basque Country (Spain). Along the northern coast of Asturias there exists a long karst-landscape with a large number of bufones. A bufón is a hole in the rock which connects with the sea and which makes a lot of noise due to the waves which enter underlying cavities. But when the swell and the waves are considerable, these bufones also spray lots of water like the fountain of a gigantic whale. According to internet the waves for today were expected to be between 6 and 8 meters, which is more than enough for an impressive spectacle. So last night I tried to get over the mountain pass which lies between León and Asturias, but this was impossible because of the heavy snowfall. But this morning I tried again and using a road cleared of snow I got to the mountain pass El Pontón without problems (the Spanish are very efficient in clearing their roads). Driving down the pass the sight of the snow capped landscape and the snow covered trees was wonderful. The following pictures testify of this white beauty, except the last two pictures which give a first impression of the Bufón fountains, but these are covered in the next post .


The day was just beginning.

Look at the branches of these trees!

The region around Oseja de Sajambre is very wooded.

This is the view when looking back at the mountain pass El Pontón (1280 m).

Just before the village of Oseja de Sajambre the road crosses a charming parkland........

......where the trees are standing solitary or together in small groups in a mountain meadow.

These littles horses are clearly on the wrong side of the fence, because when this picture was taken  I was standing on the road.

An hour later we had reached the sea, where the waves were beating the 25 meter high cliffs.

Some of the bufones in full action. The water spray is under high pressure, sometimes followed by a big splash of water. For the size of the fountains: compare the person standing in the middle of the picture!!


  1. Wonderful, wonderful. Very nice snowy landscapes and impressive bufones. I have never seen this before. Tx for sharing.

  2. Thanks Gerrit, yesterday I made a search on the internet and I was surprised to find how little non-Spanish information there was about these bufones.